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Aarna Superspeciality Hospital


The Critical Care Unit at Aaarna Superspeciality Hospital, is a multidisciplinary unit where patients with medical, cardiac or surgical problems are managed. The CCU functions as a 'semi-closed' unit, where patients may be admitted by any doctor with admitting privileges, but consultation is routinely backed by our Critical Care Specialist. Members of the Critical Care team closely communicate with the primary consultants and provide appropriate care.

The Critical Care Unit at Aarna Superspeciality Hospital takes care of medical & surgical critical patients. Separate isolation cubicles are provided for critical cases who need isolation. Cardiac patients are taken care of in the ICU. Paediatric patients who require ICU support are taken care of in separate padiatric carts.

Patients with Cardiac, Medical, Surgical, Paediatric and Neurological disorders needing intensive care, are admitted in this unit.

The CCU is equipped with the state of the art equipments:

  • eXtendXT Touchscreen Ventilators and Monnal T50 Ventilators, Air Liquide (France)
  • Touchscreen Multipara Monitors, iMEC12, Mindray
  • BeneHeart D3 Defibrillator, Mindray
  • Infusion Pumps, Fresenius Kabi
  • Dialysis Machine, Fresenius Kabi
  • 100 mA Portable Xray Machine, Allengers
  • ABG Analyser


Aarna Superspeciality Hospital

“aash”, Aarna Superspeciality Hospital is equipped with state of the art Operation Theatre with facilities to perform all types of Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, Open and Replacement Surgeries. We are equipped with all the modern, state of the art equipments. We have an endoscopy suite where all types of endoscopic preocedures are performed. An emergency procedure room is provided for managing emergency procedures.


  • Class 100 Modular Surgical Operation Theatres for providing a bacteria-free environment for replacement surgeries
  • HD Image 1 Endoscopy Camera System, Karl Storz (Germany): A state of the art endoscopy system which provided HD image quality for laparoscopy and endoscopic surgeries.
  • Harmonic ACE Ultrasonic sears with NSEAL Device, Johnson & Johnson: This system provides a virtually bloodless surgical field in laparoscopic as well as open surgeries.
  • Anesthesia Work Station, WATO EX20, Mindray: State of the art anesthesia workstations for providing excellent anesthesia and monitoring of our patients undergoing surgery.
  • Infusion Pumps, Fresenius Kabi: These instruments infuse critical medications to the patients during surgery at a constant rate continuously.
  • Touchscreen Multipara Monitors, iMEC 12, Mindray: All the vital parameters of the patients are provided on the state of the art touchscreen monitors during the surgery.
  • 9” High Frequency IITV (C-Arm), Allengers: This fluoroscopic machine is used during urological and orthopaedics procedures.
  • 8. ExtraCorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy Machine: This is useful in the nonsurgical management of urinary stones.


Aarna Superspeciality Hospital

The hospital is equipped with the latest cath lab by GE, the Angix cathlab. The cathlab is designed for a sharper resolution of the images which are very vital and critical in angiographies. Our team of cardiologists perform carotid, renal and peripheral angiographies as well as angioplasties using this state of the art cath lab. The patients are taken care of after the procedure in our Critical Care Unit which is backed by our intensivist and doctors, 24 X 7.