Welcome To Aarna Superspeciality Hospital

General Rules

General Information:

We welcome you to “aash”, Aarna Superspeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad. We wish you a speedy recovery with a comfortable stay at our hospital. We would like to inform you about the general rules and regulations of the hospital.

  • Clothes and linen for the patient will be provided by the hospital.
  • Food for the patient will be provided by the hospital.
  • Instructions about any procedure or surgery will be provided by the concerned doctor, floor coordinator and the floor nursing staff.
  • Basic rules of the hospital will be explained by the floor coordinator
  • It is solely the patient’s responsibility for the safety of his/her valuables (like laptops, mobiles, any electronic appliances). The hospital is not responsible for loss/theft of any valuable.
  • No relatives/attendants are allowed in the CCU or Operation Theatre Complex.
  • Updates will be given to the relative/attendant regarding the health status of their patient in the CCU.
  • Talking in a subtle tone is advised in the common areas/lobby to avoid disturbing the patients.
  • Following are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
    • a. Smoking
    • b. Tobacco chewing
    • c. Alcohol Consumption
  • Severe action would be taken against any person consuming the above in the hospital premises.
  • Kindly co-operate with our parking attendants while parking your vehicles in the hospital premises to avoid any inconvenience to others.
  • The hospital authorities are not responsible for any damage/loss to their respective vehicles kept in the parking area.

We look forward to your co-operation in following the rules and regulations of the hospital. We’ll try to make your stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible. Wishing you all a speedy recovery!!!